Apex Legends
December 29, 2019

Apex Legends

Category Games
Version 1.7.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Developer YASAN
Size 7.3M

Apex Legends Prove Battle Royale Is The Best Action Game Genre Online

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It was created by Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2. It is therefore no surprise that Apex Legends share some similarities to the above mentioned games. They share the same science fiction universe and some gameplays but that’s about it. While the Titanfall is fast-paced and have titan characters, Apex Legends is slower and the characters are either humans or robots. In other words, it is not Titanfall 3.

Some Characters In Apex Legends

Each match of the game consists of a total of 60 players and 20 squads. Players are grouped into a squad of three players. Each squad are a team who have to work together to be the last squad to survive. The goal is usually to avoid battles early on, acquire and conserve supplies and fight when it becomes necessary. If your squad survive long enough, you will eventually have to fight as the playground shrink and shrink, leaving you with no choice but to confront your opponents.

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Interesting Details About Apex Legends

This game was built to rival Fortnite and it did a great job. It has amassed a lot of positive reviews and more that 50 million players. The game begins with you choosing a legend (a character in the game). Each legend has unique skills that set them apart from the others (there are six legends for beginners). You can choose legends based on your perceived strengths. It is important to master more than one legend because once a legend has been chosen by someone in your squad, you’ll have to choose another legend. In your squad, you’ll have a jumpmaster whose first job is to determine where your squad will land in The Outlands (the playground). His decision can be based on where he feels there’s less likelihood of intense fighting or a location to find ‘loots’. He effectively becomes the leader of the squad but can relinquish it to someone else in the squad. A well-chosen squad has a combination of players behind legends who can help them get through all the obstacles in the game.

The game has a ‘Ping’ system which allows players communicate with their squad mates. This communication may include strategy, location of enemies or loot. Ziplines and hot-air balloons can help legends move quickly from one location of The Outlands to another. The chances of winning the game increase with increased loots, gear and weapons. There are different weapons available including classics, semi-automatic rifles, shields etc.

Why The Name ‘Apex Legends’?

As mentioned earlier, Apex Legends was created by the makers of Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2. Apex Predators were a mercenary group in Titanfall 2. It will only make sense that the legends in the subsequent game will bear part of the name of the mercenaries.

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Who Can Play Apex Legends?

Anyone above the age of 18 can play the game. It is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation users.

How To Use Apex Legends

Of course, in order to play the game, you’ll need to have it installed on your PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

To install it on PC:

  • Visit https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store to download and install the EA Origin platform
  • Create an account
  • Launch the program and enter ’Apex Legends’ in the search box
  • The link for download will be displayed. Click on it to download
  • Follow the instructions to install it on your PC.

Skip the first two steps if you already have EA Origin installed on your PC

To install it on Xbox or PlayStation is more straightforward.

To install on Xbox:

  • Turn on the console. Open the Microsoft Store page and type ‘Apex Legends’ in the search box
  • The game name will be displayed in a list. Click on it to download

To install on PlayStation:

This is similar to installing on Xbox.

  • Turn on the PlayStation console
  • Go to the PlayStation Store and search for the game in the search box. It will appear on the listings. Click on it to download
  • Add to your game library

How To Play Apex Legends

The game has a tutorial mode which allows you to get a feel of the legends and their abilities. This will help you to decide which legends best suit your abilities. You can also test all the weapons and their attachments to get a feel of their recoil, accuracy, range and other properties. This will be crucial to your success.

To start playing, choose a legend you feel most comfortable with. You’ll be given two squad mates who have different legends and you’ll be expected to work together with them to outlive the other 19 squads and 57 players. In other to have the best shot at success, stay close to your squad mates. This will enable you to protect one another when you encounter opponents. You don’t want to be alone when you come face to face with an opposing squad. Staying together makes it easier for your squad to work together with their unique skills to maximum effect. Perhaps, the most important reason to stick together as a squad is in case a legend dies. The legend can be revived if a squad member arrives his location within a limited time. Otherwise the legend dies permanently.

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The legends begin with no weapons. Needless to say, you can’t compete effectively without them. You’ll have to search for them or kill others to get them. Anyone you kill, you get to take their weapons and gear. It’s always advisable to take everything including bullets you don’t have the weapons for yet, unless your inventory is full.

The game is designed in such a way that as time goes on, the ring surrounding the playground shrinks. If your legend is outside this ring, it reduces your legend’s life until it dies. You’ll have to move fast in order to enter the playground again. Holstering your weapon is one way to move fast and get out of danger.

How Much Does Apex Legends Cost?

Apex Legends is free. You don’t have to pay to download or play. However, it contains some micro-transactions which allow you to purchase Apex coins or legend tokens and use them automatically. You would have otherwise be required to play to pay for the perks that come with those treasures.


Apex Legend is an exciting game with fast-paced action, intriguing gun play and exciting characters. Gamers who enjoy action and the battle royale genre will surely love it.

Where Is Apex Legends Available?

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