July 29, 2020

Dünyanın En Eski Milli Parkı – Yellowstone Milli Parkı ABD

Yellowstone National Park, is the oldest national park in the world and in the park of 3, 500 square kilometers, There are untamed animals.

In addition to natural beauty, it has been set aside for the enjoyment of humanity.

From Wyoming to Montanais a recreation area spread across the states.

Fabulous and diversehas natural beauties.

Gushing at fast mountain riversgeysers and spas, deep canyons, the power of dense old forests a boiling volcano, snow-capped mountain hills, exhibiting breathtaking sightsand there are spectacular trails.

And of all these goodies she calls her homethere is a world; bears, elks, wolves, bisons and antelopes.

Park, where you can come and have fun much more is a valuable national treasure.

Highest in the worldhydrothermal properties.

Park, US Congress on March 1, 1872 was founded by the country as the first national park.

In addition, some naturalists and others, Yellowstone in generalthey think it is the first national park.

Bogd Khan Mountain in MongoliaThe National Park was established in 1778.

Yellowstone was founded in 1976.

UNESCO biosphere reserve andIn 1978 it became a World Heritage site.

Irregular eastern façaderectangular 101 km from north to south and at the widest point from the east87 km to the west.

8, 992 square kilometers.

Yellowstone has been volcanic for tens of millions of yearsand in a seismically active region.

Tectonic movement of the Earth at North hot spot by examining the shell dome of a magma or molten rockswhere he was approaching the surface.

About 2.

1 million years ago, Yellowstone an underground magma dome built in The most disastrous volcanic in the world was one of the explosions.

600 square kilometers of rock and ash scattered.

During the eruption of Mount Saint Helens about 6, 000 times of oscillating volcanic material .



Observations made at the beginning of the 21st century, This single explosion is actually about 6, 000 years apart.

says: one is too big and the second is much smaller.

The next big event about 1, 300, 000 and 640, 000 years ago.

It occurs in most of the lava flow.

It produces about two-fifths of the first material.

Each of these explosions, leaving a tremendous caldera crashes as the contents are releasedwhich caused the dome of the magma.

The product of the third explosionYellowstone Caldera, covering the western-central part of the national park andAbout 70 km, which includes two thirds of Lake It is a roughly oval shaped basin.

One of the domes of the reborn magma One of Yellowstone Lake north and the other caldera and the western dome, the park's best known it is below most of its hydrothermal properties.

The Yellowstone area is also highly seismically active.

About the volcanic history of the regionthe fault network forms the surface of the park and Hundreds of region each yearsmall earthquake.

The vast majority of these earthquakes are magnitude 2and not felt by people in the region.

However, from time to time in the region morestrong earthquakes also occur.

This kind of event is just northwest of the park corner outside South Montana The fatal earthquake that hit the coup in 1959, Yellowstone including A number of hydrothermal properties are iconic geysers affected.

Yellowstone relief, erosion of ice and watertectonic activity.

Most of the park has an average altitude of 2, 400 meters.

It consists of large volcanic plateaus.

Each roughly from north to south consists of three mountain ranges.

The highest mountains in the park In Absarokas, where it exceeds 3000 meters.

Located at the border of the park in the southeast Eagle Peak's highest point reaches 3, 400 meters.

Park, rugged mountains and glamorous deepIn addition to valleys carved by glaciers, fossil forests, eroded basaltic lava flows, a black obsidian) and strange erosional forms.

has extraordinary geological features.

Yellowstone is also known for its many natural lakes and rivers.

The largest water body of the park is 2, 356 meters Yellowstone Lake at an altitude.

It is the highest mountain lake in North America.

The next largest lake, Shoshone Lake, Yellowstone Lakesouthwest of the city.

The most extensive drainage of the parksystem entering the southeast corner Yellowstone River usually flows northand close to the northwest corner of the park.

Rivers Located in the north-central part of the park Yellowstone Falls, coming down in two majestic towns: Upper Falls with a fall of 114 meters and Lower Falls with a drop of 308 meters.

Has .

Magnificent west where falls occurThe tip is Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

The river is 30 km long and 4, 000 cut by a passageway wide The walls of the canyon sculpted from separated rhyolite, shades of red, pink, yellow, buff, lavender and white brightly colored.

Among other note streams, Joining the Lewis River and south boundary of the park before heading south There are Snake River rising and flowing along.