April 23, 2021

Grand Theft Auto 5: The Manual

Category Games
Version 5.0.21
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 204M

Interesting Facts About GTA 5

GTA 5 was released in 2013 for the global audience. The game is developed by the renowned Rockstar Games.

As soon as its release in 2013, the game made headlines around the globe for its remarkable popularity. The game made millions of dollars of profit on the first day of its release and has earned almost 5 billion dollars until now. Needless to say that the game has been a phenomenal success. It lived up to the expectations and proved to be a feather in the cap of Rockstar Games.


The game has received updates ever since its release. These updates are aimed at making the game more interesting and user friendly. Without appropriate updates, the game may become obsolete and lose its popularity as time passes by.

Available Platforms

The game is available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Besides, you can play the game on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game is available in both, single-player and online mode. Because of the game’s availability on so many forums, the game has maximum consumers. This way the developers have an enormous target audience. The game is also available in the mobile version for android and tablet users. The game also comes with an offline mod.

Online Gaming

The game is modified continuously online where gamers get a chance to connect with each other as they play. This version gives people a chance to play the game with their friends. In this way, they can enjoy the game and hang out with their friends simultaneously.

Mobile Version

The mobile version allows gamers to play GTA 5 on their tablets and android mobile phones. Hence, they don’t need to stick to their PCs as they play the game. This version, as mentioned above, also comes with an offline mod thus enabling the users to play the game anywhere. The game is functional even in an area of no internet connectivity. This version makes it very convenient for gamers to enjoy GTA 5.



The gameplay is detailed and sophisticated and offers the gamers so much to discover. The game has so much to offer that it attracts a wide range of gamers having different mindsets and aspirations. There are three main characters namely Trevor, Santa and Franklin. These characters perform heists during the game. The heists gradually increase in the level of difficulty. After the completion of all the missions, the characters live a happy and wealthy life. This marks the
completion of the game.

But there is so much more to the game in addition to missions and heists. The game has a realm of options and possibilities. There is a lot to explore. The characters can buy property, clothes, food, weapons, cars etc. The game provides quite a real-life experience. The players can ride bicycles and bikes. They can drive cars and fly aeroplanes and helicopters. The cars can also be customized. The characters can also dance, date and whatnot. The game provides such a wholesome experience to its players that it leaves the gamer spellbound.

The characters depicted in the game are criminals and earn their livelihood by indulging in crimes. This is the plot on which the game is based. They kill, rob and steal and consequently get chased by the police. Characters’ wanted level increases depending on the intensity of the crime they commit. Fighting and escaping the police is an essential part of the gameplay.


Each character possesses a special ability that comes in handy in a certain situation. Michael can slow time which helps him when he gets involved in a fight. Franklin can slow down time while driving. Using this ability, he can increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle in a very small time. Trevor has this special ability to increase the damage caused by his arms and decrease the vice versa making him able to dominate the adversary in an ambush. All these typical and specific qualities add more flavour to the game.



The landscapes, the city, the water, the mountains, the buildings, all are depicted masterfully. The quality of these graphics is deemed matchless by the experts. Everything is manifested in great detail. The high-quality graphics are probably the biggest reason for the success of GTA 5. The shades are balanced in nature therefore do not cause any strain on the eyes.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting nuggets about GTA 5 that were noticed after careful observation:

Underwatch Hatch

There is a peculiar sound that the gamers have reported hearing while swimming deep under the ocean. The sound is heard only when you swim right above a strange hatch that you found underwater. An echo is heard saying, “you never called, would you go bowling?”

Strange Voice Overs

Despite being quite older in age than Franklin, Phillips’ voice seems considerably younger. The voice of Phillips does not seem to comport with his age. We don’t know if it is an honest mistake on part of the developers or was it intentional. Either way, it is an anomaly nevertheless.

How to Get GTA 5

The version of GTA 5 can be downloaded for free but it won’t allow players to play online. Those who are interested in playing it online will have to buy a CD to install the game. Xbox and PS4 gamers can also install GTA 5 via CD.

Round Up

GTA 5 has its own special place in the video game industry to its massive following globally. Its versatile gameplay and fabulous graphics set it a class apart. It is a game that is loved around the globe and understandably so, as there is so much to love. You play a game to have a good time and relax by entering another dimension. This game definitely serves this purpose and is really worthy of your time.

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