July 2, 2020

Lambert's Endless Homestyle Food Challenge w/ Throwed Rolls!!

Hey everybody!! This is Randy Santel'Atlas' and I am very very excited for today's episode number 27 of Dinner Is Served featuring Lambert's cafe in Ozark, Missouri!! Alright, it is time to enjoy all thisdeliciousness sitting in front of me!! We've had so many people request that Ieat here at Lambert's Cafe!! They've got 3 locations in the United States.

They've got this location where I'm at, in Ozark, Missouri which is near Springfield.

They've got another one in Sikeston, Missouri, and then another location down in Foley, Alabama!! I went with four of their entrees to start out with which came with nine different side items!! Let's explain everything now!! [Manager]: Okay, so to start we have our chicken-fried steak, it comes with mashed potatoes and whitegravy.

He got the cucumbers and onions and the turnip greens.

We also havechicken and dumplings with corn and green beans, our catfish with ourhomemade tartar sauce, our sweet baby carrots, and our creamy coleslaw.

And then over here is our pork steak with candied yams and our pineapple walnut salad andthen to finish it off, our amazing hubcap cinnamon roll!! Alright, great to be here at Lambert's to enjoy all these family-style home-cooked meals.

Great to support the hard-working staff here at Lambert's during this time, butwe got these three meals here to really show off the menu here at Lambert's thatI also really enjoy when I come here I always get the St.

Louis-style BBQpork steaks because I'm from St.

Louis and I love pork steaks, but let's enjoyall this starting with the pork steak Let's shut up and eat!! 1, 2, 3.








BOOM!! Again, this is not a food challenge.

We're just going to enjoy these but try tofinish in under the 1 hour!! I'm gonna aggressively enjoy them starting withthis pork steak!! Pork steak is not, by any means, a leanmeat.

So it is pretty fatty, but that means it's tender–going down really well.

I wanted to finish this before it cooled off!! These two sides here are almost likedeserts so I'm going to have these later on.

Let's eat the chicken and dumplingsnow–my dad loves these!! Alright, done with entree number 2!! Each one of these entrees is right around 1 pound total!! Now pork steak is 1pound, that was about 1 pound.

Now we're going to move these sides and work onthe country fried steak.

And for everybody in Europe, you are missing outif you've never had this country sausage gravy!! I would even say it's better thanbrown gravy!! and then gonna enjoy this along with the mashed potatoes It came with.

We are right at 6 minutes and 15 seconds in!! Lambert's Cafe is known asthe home of the thrown roll, so they're gonna throw one of those to me now!! Got it!! Caught them both and then I'm gonna wait until they bring me the applebutter option and then I can also get some of their sorghum molasses so untilwe get that let's finish off this chicken-fried steak!! This gravy is delicious!! That's great– Yeah thank you!! Alright, wegot some apple butter on this one and then we'll get some sorghum on this one!! It's sugar-free too–don't you worry!! Uh no, that it's great.

Thank you, thank you!! Let's do the one with sorghum on it first.

They're nice and warm too!! Alright, 10 minutes, 52 seconds in.

That first roll was delicious!! Typically, everybody eats them before they get their actual food– I wanted to starteating some food first before I actually started eating some rolls.

I wanted tomake sure I didn't fill up beforehand which is a big problem for a lot ofpeople!! But let's move on to some sides now and then we'll eat the catfish in a little bit!! Starting with some healthy turnip greens!! Thankfully, these sides are not that big!! [Server]: Fried potatoes? [Randy]: Alright, yes!! Lambert's also has, inaddition to the thrown rolls, they've got a bunch of pass around and they've beenaround too, so thank you for those!! That's awesome! These are fried potatos!! Those were freaking good!! If you come heredefinitely them!! Oh alright, let's have some healthy cucumbers and onions.

We are 14 minutes in, and I think it's safe to call that this episode here is takingover as my new favorite over now number 2, that Indian food!! This is all amazingand we're like halfway done.

We're gonna ladle the coleslaw, we'll do corn now.

It's like a creamy corn –this is awesome [Jacob]: Eat that corn, you fat bastard.

[Arthur& Randy]: Hahahaha [Randy]: What is this? [Server]: This is macaroni and tomatoes.

Macaroni and tomatoes.

Okay, let's just do a scoop.

Yes, definitely Black Eyed Peas!! Then what we got here? [Server]: Fried okra.

Oh yeah, definitely!! Awesome!! Thank you, thank you!! The motto of this place is “come hungry, leave full” and oh, that's definitely gonna be the case!! Let's eat these black-eyed peas now–they're hot!! Alright, tomato macaroni– with the tomatobeing very high vitamin C.

Oh, this is very hot!! This is fresh out of the frier!! If you've never had apple butter– I don't think it's available over on the world–probably maybe only a Midwest thing.

But it is amazing; it's actually lower incalories than you think too.


5 minutes in!! Going to have thehealthy green beans and then the healthy carrots and then we'll do all thiscatfish!! These have some flavor to them!! And now it is catfish time!! Dipped in this homemade tartar sauce!! [Jacob]: Do you actually ever shut up and eat? Come on, Randy!! [Randy]: I do know that he'snot the only one thinking that!! Well, while I finish up the rest of this, Tiffany isthankfully back there warming up my cinnamon roll.

I am very very excited to eat it!! Now that is warm!! It looks amazing!! Let's finish all this off so we can eat it!! Alright, coleslawyams, this stuff.

This is what I was most excited for!! My favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is candied yams and that's pretty much what these are.

I can taste the cinnamon and the sauce on here is delicious.

Pineapple walnut salad!! First time trying this!! Tiffany, our server, highly recommended it.

She's right–it's delicious!! I guess the most similar thing I've had to it is pistachio pudding, or what my grandma calls it Watergate salad.

Now, Lambert's Cafe is not a buffet, butit is all you want of all those pass arounds, the thrown rolls and then— like Isaid, it's not a buffet, but you can get as many as you wantof the exact same entree that you ordered.

So let's say I order porksteak, I can eat four or five of those if I wanted.

Now, my plan was to get a 5th, but all of those pass arounds have filled me up andI'm going to drive to St.

Louis after this to celebrate my mom's birthday, soI'm going to just dominate this hubcap cinnamon roll for dessert and then we'll be done!! So let's do it!! Gonna eat the exterior first and thendo the ooey gooey inside last.

Ah, holy crap that's hot.

She warmed that up, that's for sure!! Glory lasts forever!! AHHH!! Oh got all that down in 40 minutes and31 seconds, and oh my gosh that entire meal was so good!! My top two entrees I've got to go with that country fried steak I love thecountry fried steak with the mashed potatoes on there along with all thatgravy.

Really enjoyed the BBQ pork steak, that was awesome!! For my sides ofthe nine that I got, I would have to say that I love the candied yams and thenthose turnip greens– those were fantastic!! Of all of those shareables, other than the thrown rolls, of course with the sorghum then also enjoyed theapple butter too, but got to go with the fried potatoes!! Big thank you to everybody here at Lambert's Cafe for all of that delicious food!! Like I said, they've got this location in Ozark, Missouri, They've got another in Sikeston, Missouri and then they've got one down in Foley, Alabama!! So if you live near one of the three locations or you pass by one while traveling, definitely checkthem out–they've got so much awesomeness in addition to what I have here today!! And if you're not fortunate enough to ever be near one, hopefully this videohas made you hungry and inspired you to the point where you want to go out andsupport a similar small business near you!! Thanks for watching!!.