July 29, 2020

Travel To China with Aliza Khalid General knowledge about China

Welcome to Kingdom this is your host Aliza Khalid and today we will discuss some general knowledge about China its geographical location language, history tradition business tourism and the education system China officially the People's Republic of China is a country in East Asia It is the world's most populous country with a population of around 1.

4 to 8 billion in 2017 Covering approximately 9.

6 million square kilometers it is the world's fourth-largest country by area.

China is located in the continent of Asia and this is how it's flag looks like.

China shares international borders with 14 states which are Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan Krygyztan Laos Mongolia Nepal, Myanmar North Korea Pakistan Russia Tajikistan and Vietnam North Korea and Pakistan are considered China's closest allies.

However, China has great diplomatic relations with countries such as Myanmar Nigeria South Africa Iran and so on.



Beijing is the capital city of china Mandarin dialect of Beijing is the official national spoken language for the mainland.


China is an ancient country having a profound history.

Originated in the eastern area of the Yellow River Region, the country’s civilization is over 5, 000 years old and was considered one of four ancient civilizations of the world, along with the civilizations of ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt and ancient India.

whose meaning and origin is unknown The name CHINA is derived from the Persian Cin, whose meaning and origin is unknown.

the first president of China is dr.

Sun Yat-sen and Xi Jinping is the current president who took office in March 2013 the Great Wall of China is the world'slongest man-made wall Great Wall of China is 21, 196 km (13, 170 mi) Its average height is 7.

88 meters.

The Chinese people are the largest nationality in the world Since the earliest historical times, they have lived multiplied and laboured in this land The advanced agriculture and manufacture, as well as the Four Great Inventions, have impressed and shocked the world.

Around 92% of the population in China is made up of ethnic Han Chinese.

remaining 8% consists of minoritynationalities , such as Tibetans and Mongols.

Most of the minority nationalities are concentrated in the sparsely settled areas of western and southwestern China.

China's socialist market economy is theworld's second largest economy by nominal GDP China is considered a significanteconomic power and economic sector has seen considerable growth in the past fewdecades.

In the 1950s, a majority of economic activity was brought under state control, which then determined production, pricing, and distribution of goods and services.

Now let's take a look at the sports activities in China.

China has its own national quadrennialmulti-sport event similar to the Olympic Games Games called the National Games Chinahosted the 2014 Youth Olympic Games from August 16 to 28 2014 2008 SummerOlympics held in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in meeting weezingwill be the facility host both the summer and winter olympics would youlike to know what the climate of China is like the Chinese climate varies fromregion to region since the country is massive in the northeast summers are hotand dry and the winters of fees and cold the north in central regions arefrequent bouts of rain covered with hot summers and cold winters in thesoutheast are spendy of rainfall semi-tropical summers and cold wintersflooding can occur in the central south and western regions and the country ingeneral can experience earthquakes the Three Gorges Dam is voiced biggest damon the Yangtze River just west of the city of Z Chang in Hubei Province China but the construction of the damofficially began in 1984 it was the largest engineering project in China attime of its completion in 2006 it was a largest dam structure in the world threegorges dam is 2, 300 35 metres long with a maximum height of 185 metersnow let's discuss a trail in China the Silk Road economic belt and 21st centurymaritime Silk Road is a development strategy proposed by the ChinesePresident Xi Jingping that focuses on connectivity andcooperation between Eurasian countries primarily the People's Republic of Chinathe land-based Silk Road economic belt and the ocean-going maritime Silk Roadthe Silk Road not only served as a major trade route between India and China butis also credited for facilitating the spread of Buddhism from India to EastAsia now let's talk about the culture of China the Chinese Communist Party thatdrew the nation is officially at this though it is gradually becoming moretolerant of religion according to the Council on Foreign Relations currentlythere are only five of Mercia religion any religion other than Buddhism TaoismIslam Catholicism and Protestantism are illegal even though the ChineseConstitution states that people are allowed freedom of religion the gradualtorrents of religion has only started to progress in the past few decades about aquarter of the people practice tourism and Confucianism and other traditionalreligions there are also a small number of Buddhists Muslims and Christians allthe numerous protests tent and cathodic ministries have been active in thecountry since the early 19th century they have made little progress inconverting Chinese through these religions the Dalai Lama title wascreated by Alton Kanchana I along in the Ming Dynasty of China in 50seventy-eight the 14th and current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso the 1959 Tibetanuprising the Dalai Lama said to India where he currently lives as a refugeethe 14th Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 what about a type offood eaten in China like other aspects of Chinese life choosing is heavilyinfluenced by geography and ethnic diversity among the main styles ofChinese cooking are Cantonese which features stir-fried dishes & Veatch onewhich relies heavily on use of peanuts see some paste and ginger and is knownfor its spiciness rice is not only a major food source in China it is also anelement that helped throw the society the Chinese word for rice is fan whichalso means meal and it is a staple of their diet as are bean sprouts cabbageand scallions because you do not consume a lot of meat occasionally pork orchicken tofu is the main source of protein for the Chinese China is alsofamous for its odd Chinese arts greatly influenced by the country's richspiritual and mystical history China is home of birds largest business groupshowever due to the competition business in China is really challenging acommunist party rules with little inclination for liberal reform and manystate owned enterprises governing the financial sector all contribute to Chinascoring a lower ranking of 100 on the index of economic freedom and 78 on theWorld Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index corruption non-tariff barriers andprevalence of state-owned enterprises limit foreign investment and all makedoing business in China more difficult understanding Chinese culturesexceptionally challenging as communication can be an obstacleunnecessary Tran Chinese with the translator often being required manyChinese business professionals do not like to say no to requests believingthat to do so would cause embarrassment thus it pays to be wary of phrases suchas yes but it might be difficult and yes probably as they can often lead tomisunderstandings other elements of Chinese cultureinclude the fact that it is regarded as impolite to look people straight in the eyeinstead Chinese professionals tend to look down lowering the eyes as a mark ofrespect when doing business in China it is beneficial to remember that respectplays a large role in the hierarchical nature of Chinese business and societynow let's talk about tourism in China tourism in China has boomed because ofits abundant tourist attractions and enhance tourist environment more andmore foreign tourists are finding China is an ideal travel destination meetingis the best place to help you learn about Chinese history during the Mingand Qing dynasties because being served as capitalist 6 into dynastiesYunnan is reputed as being one of the world's most beautiful places with itskarst landscape clean rivers idealic countryside and majestic rice terracesslow down and allow yourself to have a relaxing vacation and Yulin some Georgiais famous for its precarious Peaks limpid Sheen's dense forests and largekarst caves Zhong Georgia National Forest Park is breathtaking rock pillarswhich form a forest of massive pillars take the world's longest cable car rideto tianmen mountain to appreciate its towering peaks after rainfall themountain is covered with thin clouds and mist it is like a fairyland the yellowmountains are the shared time Spurs directly out of the smooth rocksstrangely shaped rocks made the yellow mounted on natural exhibition hall ofrocks the mystical sea of cloud adds an e thrill at master to the yellowmountains making the pigs look like islands in the sky let us take a look atthe education in the country the Chinese education structure provides for sixyears of primary school three years each of lower secondary school and uppersecondary school and four years in the standard university curriculum all urbanschools are financed by the state while rural school depend more heavily ontheir own financial resources a limited amount of University spots put a lot ofpressure on students to AZ cow cow the nine are national higher educationintern exam which only 40% of the students pass the first time thispressure combined with the language barrier often leads to experts choosingprivate rather than public schools where the teaching methods andcurricula may be more similar to what they have back home getting into thebest international schools in Beijing or Shanghai can be equally competitiverequiring transcript health records and even recommendations on top of healthynation peace China is one of the most progressive countries in terms ofeconomic and business development with an education system that offers childrenmany opportunities to thrive in the futurethe Chinese school system is often perceived as a breeding ground werehighly educated future professionals here are some fun facts about China theGreat Wall of China is the world's largest man-made structurehe was scarred in China in 2737 BC when a TV fell in a Chinese emperors cup ofboiling water suspension bridges were invented in China in 25 BC paper moneywas invented in China around 1, 400 years agofinger printing was practiced in China as early as 700 AD China's gnashescalled as table tennis the Chinese army has trained 10, 000 pigeons to serve asbackup communication system thank you for watching keep watching keep learning.