July 29, 2020

Yellowstone Season 1 Recap in 10 Minutes | Paramount Network

Since 1886, every Duttonwho died is buried 300 yards from my back porch.

Last long enoughfor your children to cycle.

And maybe, just maybethe land is still theirs when a tree sprouts from you.

Hey cowboy, what're you doing here? Closure, I guess.

You? Penance.

Not sure you'll find that here.

Look at that.

Bet you haven't fished herein years.

Only thing we haven't donein years is see you Kayce.

Well, he told me to leave.

He told us all to leave.

You were justthe only one who did.

It's different.

All right, so you're goingto raise him on a reservationto prove a point? What I'm provingyou'll never understand.

I just want to know him Kayce.

We've met but I don'treally know him.

And he doesn't know me.

Is it too much to askthat you help make that happen? He just wants to knowhis grandson.

I guess we could give him that.

What do you think? You know what I think.

You will be judgedon the actions of your father.

The new chief.

Hungry for a fight, this one.

I'm here to talk cattle.

They don't belong to you.

Don't belong to you either.

They belong to the people now.

If you act like a thief Thomas, I will treat you like one.

I will erase youfrom the future.

And any evidencethat your family ever existed will be removedfrom the property.

It'll look like it used to.

When it was ours.

Until they find a curefor human nature, a man must standwith his people.

And we are not your people.

And we'll constructa subdivision.

30 miles from the most pristinewilderness in North America.

You were right.

They're building a city.

Goodnight daddy.

What are you doing here? Same thing I always do.

Fixing something you couldn't.

You want to build subdivisions? Move to Dallas.

I won't have them here.

Called progress John.

Progressdoesn't need your permission.

Everyone's forgottenwho runs this valley.

This is not the wayto remind them.

It's a bad idea.

We don't choose the waylittle brother.

You got to learn when to thinklike a lawyer, you understand? And when to thinklike a land owner.

You don't want to beon the wrong side of this, son.

When those cattlewalked onto our land, they became our cattle.

To do as we please.

I deserve to know what happenedKayce.

He was my brother.


Hold your fire.

A dispute over cattleturned deadly last night.

I should have seen this coming.

How could you know he wantedthe cattle that bad? He didn't want cattle.

He wanted this.

I need you more than ever.

You have me.

Just tell me who to fight.


Who's that? Don't even think about it Dan.

She's an assassin.

I run Mergers and Acquisitionsfor Schwartz and Meyer.

So you work with Dan.

Oh, we flirted with a coupleof things, right? You need to look closerwhen you look at me.

I ruin careers for a living.

You're the craziest personI've ever met in my life, you know that? God, you haven't aged a day.

If I'm going to lose you, it's going to be because of what I did, not because I lied to you.

Well I guess that's whatwe meant when we saidfor better or for worse.

It's going to get worsethan this.

I feel a shift.

John's making bad decisions.

He's acting like it's 1985 and no one'slooking over our shoulder.

If we backed someone else, who would that someone be? Mr.

Dutton, the governorwants to see you.

There's things we'd liketo talk to you about.

Things like your future.

I'm running forattorney general, and I expect your support.

Word has it you're hiring.


Not criminals.

Jimmy's the only familyI have left.

We're going to do this my way, all right? Do you understand?My way.

Jimmy, I'm going to give youtwo choices.

One is I drive you downto the sheriff's office.

Or, you prove that youdeserve another chance.

But it ain't up to me.

Why would John Duttongive a shit about me? He doesn't.

But he will.

Had to get ridof a wrangler today.

What'd he do? He worked over Jimmy.

He's been here a while, he's seen a lot.

Train station'swhere I'd leave him.

What are you doing?This ain't no train station.

Sure it is.

Long black train.


Replace him with somebodyfrom the prison.

What's your name? Walker.

Put your shit in the back.

A brand isn't somethingyou earn, it's something you live up to.

That's a hell of a price to pay.

And all the boys have it? No.

Just the criminals.

I need to understandwhy he hates you so much.

I told him to take youto the clinic.

And not let you leaveuntil you had an abortion.

And he wouldn't do it.

So you had those cowboysbrand him? No Monica, that I did myself.

You should send her backto Salt Lake City dad.

No I need her here.

She can bewhat you won't ever be.

She can be evil.

And evil'swhat I need right now.

She's going to tearthis family apart.

You never lost anythingin your whole life.

Well I lost the same motheryou lost.

You got to watch them dieto lose them Jamie.

She did this.

Some members of thelivestock association have raised some health concernsregarding your father.

Health concerns? Like what? Like cancer.

How much time do you got left? I don't know.

I'm running out of time Rip, and my children aren'tready to protect this place.

Everything I do is for him.

And everything you dois for you.

Where you been? I needed you.

I was campaigning.

The first thing you'redoing tomorrow is withdrawing from the race.

What? After everythingI've done for you? After everythingI've sacrificed? What have you done for me Jamie? If that's helping me buildthe empire you stand to inherit, sorry son, I just don't seethe sacrifice in that.

I want you to put the ranchin a trust.

Who do I list as beneficiary? Who do you think?Get Jamie off the payroll.

Been hearing the boystalk a bit.

Swapping stories and what not.

I ain't going to breakthe law for you Rip.

You should have thought of thatbefore you took the brand.

Because your chance to leavethis place has passed you by.

John Dutton is exactlywhat's wrong with this country.

These are the kinds of storiesthat effect real change.

Newspapers write about all theserandom acts of violence.

Give me everything you've got.

But you and I know different.

We know a spider'sbehind it all.



To consider other familiesbefore my own is to fail them.

Kayce's going to end up deador in prison.

We both know it.

My job is to protectthis family.

And you arethe worst thing for it.


It's funny how we choosenot to see things.

But I see it now.

My job is to protect our son, and the best way to do thatis to keep him from your father.

And keep him from you.

You're a good man.

Your father is not.

Soon the entire countrywill know what I know.

Do you want to be a subjectof this article, or a source? I want everything thatJohn Dutton has.

I want the Yellowstone.

That's the enemy of my enemy.

That John Dutton, there's no greater enemy than that man right there.

Rainwater and Jenkinsare working together.

They're building a casino.

Right up against your fence.

I'd like to come home.

I don't need anothercowboy Kayce.

This is the only thingI've got to give my son.

I know what you need.

The only way to protectmy father's legacy is to destroy the man.


I'm ready.

These problems have to go awaybefore I do.

Well, how far away do youwant them to go? When they go away, they never come back.

You'll rot in prison for this.

That semi that run intoMr.

Dutton's truck? Was that an accident? It was a convenient opportunity.

Now you know Kayce.

You know how muchthe Yellowstone is worth? You think I'm going to bethe last person who's going to want to take it? Let him hang.