human fall flat
July 5, 2021

Human: Fall Flat

Category Games
Version 1.4
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Developer 505 Games Srl
Size 41M

Want To Play A Funny Game? Human: Fall Flat Is The Game To Try

Human: Fall Flat is a funny game that challenges you to use the laws of Physics to your advantage. You’ll have to understand the basic principles of Physics and use it to overcome obstacles that the game presents. It is not one of those games that are heavy on graphics but you’ll enjoy it extremely if you like a lot of playful characters and action. It was created by Tomas Sakalauskas an indie game developer and published by Curve Digital.

Interesting Details About Human: Fall Flat

The game was designed for comical enjoyment. The featureless face and comical appearance of the character (Bob) would make you laugh all day. He moves in a wobbly manner like a toddler or someone who’s had a little bit of more tequila than he can handle. You can customize his appearance using funny templates that are available in the game. You can give it a pumpkin head or skeleton t-shirt. Your progress is determined by your understanding of the laws of Physics. Examples are situations where you are required to use objects to create ramps or bridges to climb through obstacles. You may also need to use a catapult to shoot yourself across a large distance. Bob has only human abilities and can’t do anything you can’t. It needs its hands to lift objects, press buttons and climb just like any human. You just have to figure out how to do it effectively.

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In most puzzle games, you just need to find the clue and execute it to get past that stage. But Bob will be Bob. Even when you’ve figured out the puzzle, Bob could still mess things up. Something as simple as climbing over a wall could see you falling off several times. The good news is that in Human: Fall Flat, a fall isn’t fatal. He may fall and get crumpled in an unnatural positions but he still gets up and wobbles on.

Why The Name Human: Fall Flat?

Bob is a character with human characteristics and your goal in the game is to avoid falling. This could set you back a couple of hours. But when you fall, you fall flat. However, the game most likely got its name from Bob hilariously falling flat on the ground at the beginning of the game.

Who Can Play Human: Fall Flat?

The minimum age to play the game is 7 years. It is a game for people who like comical characters in their game. You can play it on your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC or mobile devices. Your PC OS should be Windows 10 or later.

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How To Use Human: Fall Flat

To play on Xbox, enter the game name on the Microsoft Store search box. Click on the game name that appears on the listings to download.

To play on PlayStation, go to the PlayStation Store and enter the game name. Click to download.

To play on your PC, you’ll need a Microsoft Account. If you don’t have one, create an account, log in and search for the game in the search box. Download and install on your PC.

Note that Human: Fall Flat is not free. You’ll need to own accounts on the different platforms in order to buy the game.

How To Play Human: Fall Flat

The game is a puzzle game. You have to figure out how to move from one point of the game to another in order to progress to another level. You have to look around you to discover what objects can help you achieve your progress in the game. At the early stage of the game, you can pick up an item that looks like a satellite phone. Through this item, you’ll get clues on what to do to progress. Later in the game, you’ll have to figure it out yourself. You may need to drag objects to form bridges or haul them to press buttons. You could need to use objects to smash through walls. There are situations where you need to climb or haul your avatar and make your way across obstacles. You can also ride a train and even a ship.

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The controls on the screen are used to move about, grab and hold objects or haul yourself at or across objects. Figure out what you’re expected to do and work patiently with the controls to get Bob do what you want. You could fail a few times but be consoled that Bob is impervious to damage from falls. Your controls are not bad, and no, you’re not a lousy gamer. The controls were designed on purpose to be much trickier than any other game you’ve played. With an avatar that wobbles, you wouldn’t expect pressing FORWARD to be that straightforward.

Another consolation you can get is seeing your buddies fail in the same task with their avatars crumbled on the ground in a non-descript boneless mass. Yes, the game supports multiplayer mode. You can play on a split-screen mode with one other player. This mode allows you to play with your friend on the same console. The two of you can work together to find even easier ways to solve the puzzles. By helping out each other, you can complete the levels much quicker than playing alone. This is not because you put your brains together but because of the Physics of two people handling and manipulating objects instead of one. You can also play online on duo or multiplayer (8 players) mode with your friends or total strangers.

How Much Does Human: Fall Flat Cost?

The game is sold for $14.99.


Human: Fall Flat is a funny game that tests your ability to solve puzzles based on Physics principles. It is not heavy on graphics but the 3D featureless Bob will give you a lot of light-hearted moments. You’ll enjoy playing this game with your friends. You can help one other to get through obstacles and laugh at repeated mistakes. It is not a fast-paced action game but it is as much fun and a lot funnier.

Where Is Human: Fall Flat Available?

Download for Android