January 2, 2020


Download Minecraft v1.16.201.01 latest version on Android now to explore the block world and make anything you want.

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Since 2009, Minecraft has always been one of the most played games ever and the sensation doesn’t give any sign of cooling down. In 2019, the game’s developer, Mojang Studios, announced that it had earned over 480 million players, which scored Minecraft the 8th place in the list of most played games.

In 2020, Minecraft has claimed its throne as the most purchased game ever with the total sale of over 200 million copies. So it is obvious that everyone is crazy about the cube-based game. It is engaging, addictive and creative. But does Minecraft’s gameplay live up to its reputation? Here are the reasons why the game is so amazing that gamers are obsessed with it.


Minecraft, created by Markus Persson, was first launched in 2009 alongside Mojang Studios. Over the years, the game has received many wonderful awards, but the biggest one is Greatest and Most Influential Video games of All Time. In 2014, Microsoft purchased the intellectual property of Minecraft and Mojang Studios. The game has blown up a storm over Youtube, Facebook and many other platforms. Minecraft has even been used in the educational environment, started in 2018. Now, the game is available on many platforms like MAC, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Gear VR.


The design might seem dated at first but players soon know that the game has more to offer. It has different game modes, 5 in total: survival, hardcore, adventure, spectator or creative mode. And, players will have to choose 1 out of 4 levels of difficulty. The game offers single player mode and multiplayer mode. In single player mode, players can discover different worlds on their own and establish their own experience. On the other hand, multiplayer mode allows them to fight against each other or explore the world of Minecraft together.



Minecraft’s gameplay is very addictive and it requires a lot of creativity and imagination. There is no limit in Minecraft since it is a sandbox game in which every player can let his wildest thoughts and ideas run free. The game doesn’t revolve around a specific plot or goal, so the mission of each player is to create his own world and storyline. The gameplay bases on building houses or crafting objects with 3D cubes. These cubes represent various types of materials like water, stone or metal which you can arrange to create your own virtual world. Players also have the chance to fight against in game characters, aka mobs like spider, zombie or enderman, etc. Other mobs like chicken, cows or pigs serve as food or materials.


Players can enjoy more than one version of Minecraft since Mojang Studios offers many spin offs of the game: Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft: Educational Edition, Minecraft Earth. Each version has its own dynamic characteristics and unique gameplay. Gamers have the access to a diverse variety of themes and styles. And these spinoffs set a specific goal for players to achieve.

Minecraft Dungeons is a game full of action and adventure. Players can explore the dungeons alone or in a team of 4 and they will fight against the ArchIllager. There are amazing armors and skins that boost the power of the character. They equip the character with a devastating power that will blow the enemies away. The game is now available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.

Minecraft: Educational Edition is used for academic purposes in over 115 countries. The game sparks unlimited creativity within young children and at the same time, teaches them the way of problem solving. On the other hand, young students can learn more about the digital world through Minecraft. The approach is considered more curious and it can be more effective since the instruction is more fun and engaging. During this pandemic, the team of Minecraft has established a program with the help of NASA that gives students a chance to visit a space station.


Minecraft Earth morphs reality with digital world by bringing these cube figures into the daily life. Minecraft Earth is a mobile app that allows players to create virtual objects that are 100% adjustable AND place them in the real world through the phone’s screen. Players can change the size of the virtual object so that it fits in the environment of the real world. Players can build castles, monsters, trees, mobs and place them in a photo or a video. The sky is the limit. Let the imagination do the work.


VR is a powerful tool that gives a unique and realistic experience to players. And since Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world right now, people are anticipated to try its VR version. Mojang Studios announced this week that Minecraft is available to play on PlayStation VR. The experience is out of this world and players have total control over the first person’s point of view. Players can update the game without paying extra fee. To add more fun to the experience, Minecraft just received an update with downloadable content based on the franchise Jurassic World. The update shows locations and protagonists that everyone has seen in the films. So don’t miss out on the fun and enjoy the new content now.

Minecraft is a unique and creative piece that blew a new wind to the world of videogames. During the period of 2010s, designers invested more and more in the graphic and special effects of the games without releasing one of a kind contents. Minecraft, on the contrary, has offered expensive gameplay experience based on a renovated idea: Turn the simple graphic into the star of the show. So if you haven’t tried out this bestselling game of the world, go check out some amazing videos made by content creators who were able to build amazing items and stories by playing Minecraft.

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