July 2, 2020

{YTP} ~ How to Food

the only ingredients gluten yeast salt water salt water lukewarm water jonathan warm water baking powder baking soda baking water molasses vanilla nutmeg cinnamon sugar powdered sugar brown sugar brown water dark chocolate chips buttermilk eggs rolled oats oil and vinegar again oil and vinegar vegetable oil olive oil canola

oil the egg cheese olives cucumbers tomatoes raw onions real olives parsley thyme flour not always chips toast soda batter food the magic ingredient carbon dioxide the sponge the living plant cubes emotion skillet a sharp knife rust a good wrist your fingers your local dentist a family of four

not so hungry people and syrup on the side or waste product if you want a really kinky muffin and there you go it's a typical french bread [Music] baking by and large is not baking and i know you've seen chefs on television call french bread bread eat and

as we go we'll talk about some of the characters that are common to all cartoons you can either mix the yeast directly or you can mix the yeast indirectly and the carbon dioxide gets trapped inside on the blank and i mix the yeast like that with a clean

finger and this is not lukewarm this is cold and i'm not and i'm not actually you don't have to use yeast this is called the salad or the tikki or the greeky or the greedy or the sour salad or the village people [Music] it's fun this is called

the salad salad and the ingredients are gluten yeast salt water salt water kalamata alamata olives now these olives by the way are olives by the way there are easy ways to get the pits out of olives you can simply go pitter patter or you can simply go smoosh

or you can simply go shush but we're going to do it the traditional way and simply go well there are easy ways to cut the cheese don't do that and with your final cut in 3d you've made them into cute little cubes this is feta cheese feta is

a cheese it is but it doesn't have to be and a sprinkling of vinegar i'm actually mediterranean salad salad dressing and there you go and that is a greek salad in greek restaurants it is not served you cut through and you miss your thumb now if for instance

you are stupid you will go into your thumb one of the problems of course is that you're actually much more dull i'm not you don't have that luxury this is the way that it is you just don't measure up but i forgive you for it this is a

fairly typical example of nothing we're going to preheat the oven actually we're going to preheat the oven i eat the oven hey all you boys and girls and youtubers out there hi yes the three genders i just want to tell you that um chef jonathan lock his girlfriend

uh what mean him dating no no no no no no maybe i just want you to please feed my baby i just like it when people hit my baby here we have a baby which i will continue to beat if i weren't going to eat this i would

show this to you and if you can't believe this please believe this that's all i'm asking i'm asking and we'll set it for four degrees we have the wedding now we simply combine the two guerrero guerrero it's one cup of miniature dirt chocolate chips and we watch the

surface of the pancake until you start to see bubbles forming at the top not the most popular thing therefore no do not want this is buttercup one of the most popular things therefore do want we have half a cup of waltz two little cups i hope baker toots

one and a half cups of cinnamon millennium cinnamon in particular likes to lump up or likes to lump ground or likes to lump up lump up and get down and a little bit of sauce slurp slurp and i'm completely baked and getting it all over the bottom of

the pan i don't know if you can see the little swirls in the pan that indicate that it is hot having plants in your house is very healthy you feed them they feed you and you want your pancakes to be done and there you go oh no it's

food nobody has to know